Peace Power & Prosperity: The Enlightened Life Series
9 Sessions
Unlock Your Soul’s Potential, Positively Shape Your Destiny and
Become A More Powerful Force for Good in the World

“All of us long for happiness. We long for more beauty, more success and the joy of accomplishment.”

I’ll be leading this new program in Aspen, Colorado. For the course, I’ve gathered the most vital practices and teachings, from my forty years as a guide, to empower you to tap into your very best of self and thrive in every area of your life.

A series of nine sessions, each building on the next, will include lectures, guided meditation practices and various exercises for self-reflection.

The intent of the program is to provide you with the one thing we all need: time. These sessions will be a time to learn and to grow, to heal and be inspired, to rest into and return to your best self, to move past old patterns, to embrace the whole of your life and to access the kind of energy and authentic enthusiasm that will motivate you to apply the best of what you have learned (and experienced) long after you have completed the program.

Prosperity: to succeed materially; flourish physically, to enjoy success.
I’ll show you how to live with more purpose and meaning, how to align with the intelligence that maintains and sustains this world and is the basis for all inspiration and life-affirming possibility.

Power: the capacity to influence the course of events, your dreams and goals.
I’m going to teach you how to collect and concentrate your creative energy; how to build your vitality and capacity, vitality as well as confidence.

Peace: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. This is the foundation for a better life–your birthright.

I’ll guide you into deep states of peace, where you are truly at home, where you access complete well-being and from which you can remain steady through all of your life’s changing circumstances.

No previous experience or preparation is required. Just come to the first session with pen and paper and a readiness to tap into peace, power and prosperity.

Once the program has been posted online, you’ll have access to all nine guided meditations and be able to review the lectures as many times as you like for a full year.

The Enlightened Life Series promises to be accessible and impactful. Before it is over you will experience yourself living more completely and more powerfully than ever before.

I invite you to dedicate yourself to positively shaping your destiny and to becoming an even more powerful force for good in the world.