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Aspen Center for Living Peace and Aspen Yoga Society are pleased to host Rod Stryker, one of the country’s leading meditation masters and acclaimed speakers, as he leads his Enlightened Life series––a program designed to help you unlock your soul’s potential and achieve fulfillment in every area of life.

Starting May 12th, 2015 this nine session series will be held at the Aspen Chapel in Aspen, Colorado from 6pm to 7:15 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. It will also be available online so that you, or anyone you know, can participate wherever and whenever you wish. Anyone interested in creating a more fulfilled life, positively shaping their destiny and becoming an even more powerful force for good in the world will benefit from this life-changing course.

Final program will be TUESDAY January 12.


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Each session will feature a unique topic combining a distillation of ancient knowledge and modern practical wisdom. Sessions will feature: inspired lectures, guided practices to renew you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as opportunities for self-reflection (to help you collect vital insights, build your power of resolve and develop an inspired vision for your future). Also, each session will include Rod guiding a unique meditation practice, so that over the entirety program you learn how to apply meditation to address your specific needs and desires. The Enlightenment Series will help you:

  • Experience the boundless force of your soul
  • Discover your unique life’s purpose that you came into this world to fulfill
  • Access the power that increases intuition, creativity, inspiration and joy
  • Increase your sense of ease, clarity and calm
  • Break free from non-constructive patterns
  • Learn to collect and concentrate your life force
  • Create your unique path to lasting happiness and your most meaningful contribution to the world.

In addition, Rod will provide you with tools to ensure that you stay on your soul’s brightest path throughout the year and long after the series is over. We invite you to be part of this unique and extraordinary event and to dedicate yourself to positively shaping your destiny and to becoming an even more powerful force for good in the world. Long before it is over you will experience yourself living more completely and more powerfully than ever before.

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The Rod Stryker series is co-presented by Aspen Center for Living Peace and Aspen Yoga Society!


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